Welcome to PercussionMind!

How exciting it is to finally release PercussionMind, a project 18 months in the making!

At this moment we are about 16 hours away from releasing this research publicly.  We believe firmly that PercussionMind is a meaningful project, one that can actually help others and provide answers, relief, and insight.

PercussionMind.org is a tool, a service, and a landing place for all things about increasing mental performance as a professional percussionist.  Learning about one's self, not only in strengths and weaknesses but also preferences and adaptabilities, provides understanding as to why some of us react the way we do to certain situations.  And in the case of music performance, many of those situations occur in high-pressure arenas like concert stages and audition rooms. 

Is it possible to determine what about high-pressure situations derails us? The short answer: YES!  We are all different, and while we all have separate cues or triggers that put us into a heightened survival mode, PercussionMind is all about defining your roadblock and working to get past it.

The Attentional and Interpersonal Style Inventory (TAIS), a long-standing evaluative tool in the area of sports medicine and military strategy, is specifically designed to pinpoint the mental habit[s] responsible for lower performance level under pressure.  Use of this 144-question assessment links PercussionMind to decades of proof, critique, and revision, grounding the project in trusted psychological method.

The road during music training is paved with moments that ground confidence and moments that breed insecurity and doubt.  If you've ever wondered where you fit in, whether or not you "have what it takes," or why you aren't achieving the level of success you know you are capable of, we hope that PercussionMind is a useful tool for you. 

We're really looking forward to comments and feedback after tomorrow's reveal, and to sharing them here.