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Who's PercussionMind for?

PercussionMind is for any person looking for insight into their own mental habits, especially those that might be holding them back.  It's for the person who knows they practice enough and has the deep commitment, yet still gets blocked, whether by an audition panel, competition judges, or stage fright.

Is PercussionMind a "one size fits all" method?

Not at all. In fact, the whole purpose of PercussionMind's use of the TAIS assessment is so that results and feedback extremely personalized to each individual.  For example, two people may both be very self-critical, but the root of that criticism can originate in completely different places.  TAIS allows us to see that.

How do the feedback sessions happen?

Feedback sessions have historically been conducted over Skype, though conference call options are also available.  We are willing to work with your preference, though it is nice to put a face with data and a name.




Unless we have gained specific permission, it is very important to us to maintain anonymity of the professionals who have graciously given their time and information to contribute to PercussionMind.  Any other questions we will happily answer.

Question? Ask away.

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