percussionmind grid of mental habits

percussionmind grid of mental habits

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Focus Category is how you focus attention appropriately for the task at hand.
Task oriented— Maintains focus on the small details of practice and
Flexible— Has a focus of attention that varies at times but has the
flexibility to get the job done
Distractible— Becomes easily distracted from the task at hand and can run
off course

For example, those who are caught up in tiny details of playing but sometimes get stuck seeing the "forest through the trees" would fit in the Task Oriented section.


Discipline Category is how you discipline behavior over time to achieve a goal
or overcome a challenge.
Conquering— Motivated to pursue opportunities, goals, and challenges
that require higher levels of achievement
Situational— Has self-discipline that varies based on the goal and
challenge level
Comfort Zone— Prefers to stay within a comfort zone and is highly
selective about pursuing new goals and challenges

A player who wants to continue to practice skills that he already has, at the expense of not developing competency in other areas, would fit into the Situational or Comfort Zone section, depending on other traits.


Resilience Category is how you adapt and cope to a challenge in order to
improve, succeed, and grow.
Adaptable— Confident in ability to adapt and cope with challenges
Variable— Is sometimes unsure of ability to adapt and cope with
Avoid— Doesn’t trust ability to adapt and cope with challenges

For example, someone who has the confidence to take on different styles of gigs, whether or not they have extensive training in the styles, would be considered Adaptable.

Social Energy

Social Energy Category is how you connect socially with others.
Outward— Personal energy and socializing flows outward to others and is
primarily extroverted
Dual Currents— Combination of outward and inward energy flow and
socializing; both extroverted and introverted
Inward— Personal energy is kept inside and is introverted

Percussionists tend to express more positive emotion and support than other instrumentalists; still, our method of energy recovery, and how we replenish our stores to be ready for the next professional engagement, can differ widely from one another.


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